Php7 :error - 'RedisCluster'

Hello, I am trying my hand at installing Nextcloud on an Arch Linux server. I did pacman -S nextcloud to install nextcloud on to the server. It installed nextcloud 16. I had all the necessary software modules installed but when i navigated to my server ip address, I did not get the setup screen i was hoping for. instead i got the Internal Server error screen with a Request ID.
Looking at my error logs i found an entry that looked like this:

[Thu May 09 11:15:24.987489 2019] [php7:notice] [pid 758] [client xx.xx.xx.xx:51870] {“reqId”:“Z0soY0a0wIqSpXfelr19”,“level”:3,“time”:“2019-05-09T16:15:24+00:00”,“remoteAddr”:“xx.xx.xx.xx”,“user”:"–",“app”:“PHP”,“method”:“GET”,“url”:"\/nextcloud\/",“message”:“touch(): open_basedir restriction in effect. File(\/usr\/share\/webapps\/nextcloud\/config\/config.php) is not within the allowed path(s): (\/usr\/share\/webapps\/nextcloud:\/dev\/urandom) at
\/usr\/share\/webapps\/nextcloud\/lib\/private\/Config.php#240”,“userAgent”:“Mozilla\/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64) AppleWebKit\/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome\/71.0.3578.98 Safari\/537.36 OPR\/58.0.3135.132”,“version”:""}

I added the offending path to open_basedir in my php.ini file (/etc/php/php.ini) and that error went away.

Now i get a RedisCluster error,

[Fri May 10 08:51:17.684152 2019] [php7:error] [pid 353] [client xx.xx.xx.xx:51814] PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class ‘RedisCluster’ not found in /etc/webapps/nextcloud/config/config.php:1171\nStack trace:\n#0 /usr/share/webapps/nextcloud/lib/private/Config.php(214): include()\n#1 /usr/share/webapps/nextcloud/lib/private/Config.php(63): OC\Config->readData()\n#2 /usr/share/webapps/nextcloud/lib/base.php(140): OC\Config-__construct(’/usr/share/weba…’)\n#3 /usr/share/webapps/nextcloud/lib/base.php(577): OC::initPaths()\n#4 /usr/share/webapps/nextcloud/lib/base.php(1056): OC::init()\n#5 /usr/share/webapps/nextcloud/index.php(40): require_once(’/usr/share/weba…’)\n#6 {main}\n thrown in /etc/webapps/nextcloud/config/config.php on line 1171

After finding that log entry i installed redis and then the php-redis module. I re-started the httpd.service and still got the error. I rebooted the server and still get the error. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. THank you