PHP7.3 Opcache on Nextcloud 15


i just upgraded my nextcloud manually to Version 15. Also i want so upgrade php from Version 7.0 to 7.3.
Now my Nextcloud is on Version 15 and php at Version 7.3.

My Problem is that Nextcloud tell me that my opcache is not configured.
I have installed the php module opcache and make any changes at the php.ini.

Did you guys have an Idea?


Did you install the opcache PHP module after the upgrade to PHP7.3?
I noticed on my system, that I had to reinstall several modules again, while they got removed during the update.
Could you double-check please?


my mistake was that nextcloud tell me to set opcache_cli to 0 but it has to be 1.
I change this in my php.ini and after that it works great.

Please mark it as solved?