PHP version problem during installation

I am trying to install nextcloud via Softaculous in our website cPanel.
The PHP version of our root directory - i.e. our website, is PHP 5.6. But when installing it in a subdirectory (e.g…, it stops with an error: “Required PHP version greater than equal to 5.6.0 AND found version is : 5.5.19.”

What do I need to do to resolve this error and proceed with installation of nextcloud.

Thank you very much.


You can place a php testfile in a folder and check the php version and php settings:
<?php phpinfo(); ?>
If you run commands on the command line or via cronjob, it could be that there are different binaries for different php versions (e.g. php56 or php70 instead of just php like in many manuals).

phpinfo.php shows PHP Version 5.6.29.
But as I mentioned, Softaculous script installer is not able to pcik-up this version and complains that the PHP version is 5.5.

Perhaps the Softaculous script installer still runs with php 5.5? Not sure about all this cPanel stuff, ask their community as well (they should know better).