PHP 7.4 security updates EOL Nov. 28, 2022

:warning: PHP 7.4 security updates are ending November 28, 2022.

PHP version schedule

What PHP version is your Nextcloud running?

  • PHP-7.3
  • PHP-7.4
  • PHP-8.0
  • PHP-8.1

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Glad to see no one is still using PHP 7.3 after the massive CVE.

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Looking like 50% of the community voters should be thinking about their PHP upgrade plans. :thinking:

Yes. But i think that is only the half truth. Actually it is not relevant for most users.

If you use the supported Debian 11 Bullseye with default PHP 7.4 or the supported Ubuntu 20.04 LTS focal with default PHP 7.4 than there is no security problem. Both are still supported and nothing is to do. You do not need newer PHP from a different source. Maybe you should better plan to upgrade Ubuntu 20.04 LTS to 22.04 LTS. In 2023 you can plan to upgrade Debian 11 Bullseye to Debaian 12 Bookworm.

Newer PHP versions may be better. But PHP 7.4 is still supported by both the operating system and Nextcloud.

continued talk on PHP 7.4 security in Nextcloud from Help.Nextcloud

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PHP 7.4 is still supported. Debian uses it and supports it.

Why post incorrect statements?

PHP 7.4 is EOL since 28 Nov 2022:



Moved this conversation to the longtime thread on PHP 7.4 reaching EOL to avoid re-hashing it on the current release announcement almost exactly a year later. Thanks.