PHP 7.4 and NC18 error

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check your php 7.4 memory limits

Seems that your PHP has uses over 2GB memory and stopped the task.

What where you doing when this happened ?

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I am using php 7.4 with my install and everything is working just fine. I am using Debian 10.2 x64.

It seems that you are using a web hosting provider to host your nextcloud instance? This could be an issue with their php 7.4

Looks that guzzlehttp is causing the issue here for you.

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I do not / it seems to be located inside of you nextcloud install 3rdparty app folder.

Again are you using a hosting company to host your NC instance ?

I don’t have them installed on my server :o

I had a look and my server also has guzzlehttp installed. hurm ( I guess I’m not using it or have no issues with it )

Are you doing a fresh install / or / upgrade install to v18 with php 7.4 ?

I Updated to 18.0.1, my php version is 7.3. Since updating I had problems out-of-memory problems with php-fpm. Nextcloud runs on an Raspberry Pi 3. PHP Memory is configured as recommended (512 MB). Allocating seems to be a bad idea on this hardware. I deactivated bookmarks now, seems to solve the problem.
Conclusion: the problem seems to be NC 18 and guzzlehttp, not php 7.4.

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