Photos section in the Android app only shows a handful of recent pictures


I’m having an issue with the Android app on my Nextcloud instance. I cannot seem to look at more than ~40-60 recent pictures - the app doesn’t even try to load any more than that. It’s behaving as if that is the total amount present on my account, which is not the case.
I was using a Docker setup initially, and in trying to fix the issue I’ve set up a completely new instance that does not rely on Docker, and while the issue actually did disappear for a short while, it has since returned. The Photos app in the web interface appears to be unaffected. Deleting pictures does not seem to help, it just displays even fewer then.

I am using Nextcloud 19.0.3 running on Debian 10 with Apache/PHP-FPM, Memcached and PostgreSQL behind an Nginx reverse proxy. Bypassing the reverse proxy seems to make no difference. Furthermore, I am using LDAP to authenticate against an Active Directory server. There are no errors, warnings or even debug entries in the log pertaining to the issue at hand.

I frankly have no idea how to diagnose this issue, but I will certainly be glad to provide more details if needed.

Hi, I’m having this problem as well. My nextcloud 19.0.3 is running on a Ubuntu 18.04 vm. I remember that Android client had more than the 30 photos it show now just a few days ago. I reinstalled the client from both play store and f-droid, but results are the same. Web UI is ok as well.

Seeing the same thing here. It only seems to show the 44 most recent folders.

I noticed a recent issue on github that seems to be tracking the same problem: