Photos over roughly 10 MB don't have thumbnails

I’m using the latest version of NextCloudPi.
Whether the photo is uploaded to Photos or InstantUpload, if the file size is over roughly 10 MB no thumbnail appears.

I can’t see any setting that would cause this - could someone please help?

It sounds like he php.ini (or php-fpm/php.ini) file has not been configured/updated as the default OOB setting is 10MB.

Solution here - 50 Mb jpeg thumbnail limit - #5 by pillbug22

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…and here: Configuration Parameters — Nextcloud latest Administration Manual latest documentation


Well, I just assumed it would work - but it didn’t, I still have exactly the same problem.

according to the docs referred the syntax is 'preview_max_filesize_image' => 50,so likely you need
'preview_max_filesize_image' => -1,

if this still doesn’t work try with very big positive number.