Photos just uploaded by Auto Upload then appear on device with size zero

Auto Upload is now working fine (1.4.2).

But - when I take a new photo if I later navigate to the InstantUpload folder on the same device with which I took the photo, it can’t be displayed (big warning triangle and text saying that the photo can not be shown).

On investigation, I see that the filename exists on the device but the file size is zero.

If I delete it locally I can then get it again from the server and everything is normal.

Why is this happening?

Can you screenshot your Auto Upload settings for that particular directory?

Also, are you using internal storage or SD card storage?

Internal storage - this is a oneplus3 - no SD card.

The Storage path is


Ok, and does the image exists there or only in the original place? (/storage/emulated/0/DCIM/Camera)

In the “storage location”, a file with the correct filename exists, but it is of size zero bytes.

So if I try to view it on the device I get the warning triangle and “can not be shown message”

If I delete it locally, I can then get the real file from the server and view it.

Ah good. Can you file an issue please with the screenshots and explanations that you’ve told me here?
Would appreciate it a lot.

I’ll do this in about an hour’s time. Sadly there’s a bit of “real work” to do just now.

OK - I’ve done this.

Roger, set the app to refresh in the background and give it a day or two (pending the amount of data you have) and check back. The NC client seems to incorrectly state that the sync has finished when it has not yet completed. (at least in my experience / testing)