Photos app doesn't show any photos after update to v28.0.2

Just upgraded my NC from v28.0.1 to v28.0.2 and no photos are shown anymore in the photos app.
The photos are still there but not shown in the overview.

Same for others?

btw. photos app is v2.4.0
No log entries.

Still works for me. Anything in the browser console?

Have the same issue, no new photos being displayed in Photos app preview since upgrade to 28.0.3, upgrade to 28.0.4 = same result :frowning:

Nothing in Nextcloud logs, console shows:

PROPFIND 404 (Not Found)
Error: Invalid response: 404 

It works again. Not sure about the reason to be honest.

404 is an error.
The path is not found on your server.
Check webserver log.

Have created a separate issue here

Hi @rakekniven , thanks, I am aware of the http error codes, and yes, I checked logs which had nothing.
I have been continuing to find solution, and has actually gotten worse:

  • Disabled all but necessary apps
  • Same error in console
  • Now Photos app has somehow back-dated visibility of photos to two months ago!
  • This is ONLY photos, Videos section works fine, only when going to “All Media” or “Photos” does this occur.
  • When refreshing or scrolling through, the page slows to a crawl (ONLY on “All Media” or “Photos” tab
  • “All Media” no longer shows Videos

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