Photos app documentation

Good morning to all, I have been using Nextcloud 25 for a while but I cannot find any real documentation about the featured Photo app; I have already searched on the official documentation, on the app GitHub page and generally on Google, can anyone help me find it?

I just need to understand how to set a folder as default photos folder (excluding everything else) or how to exclude single folder from the photo scanning of the app.

Thank you!

Until you find something about the Photos App, you can try PhotoPrism as extension to Nextcloud for the time being.

Thank you, my Nextcloud installation is cloud hosted (Aruba), do you mean that PhotoPrism could be installed as well and used as Photo App instead of Photos?

That’s what i am doing.

Thank you, but I imagine the two softwares won’t be communicating, and I would like to have only one and store all my files and media on one platform.

Is anyone aware if some (more) documentation is available for this app?

I am not aware of any documentation for the photos app besides the short Github README.

There is currently no way to have an allowlist for the directories, that are being scanned, which would exclude everything that is not on the list (It is planned to be implemented eventually, see Limit Photos to a single folder + subtree · Issue #141 · nextcloud/photos · GitHub).

But there is a blocklist: Directories that include an (empty) file with the name “.nomedia” do not get scanned by photos. I do not know if subdirectories are also excluded. Maybe this can be a solution/workaround for your problem.

ok, thank you!