Photoprism as Photos replacement?

I seem to remebering someone mentioning that Photoprism could be used as a Photos replacement by adding it via external apps.

Has someone done this? Or is there a guide explaining this somewhere?


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You may want to read this → When can we see PhotoPrism as an app in the NextCloud app store? · Discussion #2259 · photoprism/photoprism (

They aren’t playing well together.

You are right, PhotoPrism is much more polished and way faster & snapper than built-in photo app of NextCloud. However, as of now there is no alternative other than to run a different Docker / VM for PhotoPrism and use Webdav to sync the NextCloud Photo library with PhotoPrism instance !!

I am running PhotoPrism like that only.

Biggest drawback of PhotoPrism is with zero support for user accounts !! So for every nextcloud user, one separate PhotoPrism docker container is needed

Refer here → Running Multiple Instances on the Same Server · Discussion #734 · photoprism/photoprism (


Thanks for an excellent answer.
But how do I set up webdav against Nextcloud in a PhotoPrism container (running on Unraid as a docker run container)

For multi-user support, snappy performance, and directory-focus you can use pigallery2


As far as I can see, as an end user, you don’t need to do much. Everything works out of the box.

Just deploy the PhotoPrism docker container and log into your photoprism instance !!

There under admin settings, you can find the option to enter your NextCloud URL (Internal NAT IP works) along with the credentials and start the sync !!

Refer here → Sync - PhotoPrism

However, as per some experts, the better way of doing it is to share the NextCloud Photo directory natively with PhotoPrism, but that requires playing with the yml file. Personally, I have avoided going that route, I don’t want to break my NextCloud (incase I mess up something), so have used their documented process of WebDAV sync method