Phonetrack Server contact not possible

i am using nextcloud with phonetrack. I want to track 60 devices with the app traccar. But there is one problem. After some minutes i get an error, connection to phonetrack server is not possible. So i can not see any device on the map. Also the sessions i greated are not shown.

Can anyone help me with this problem please?



Hi, I have a problem that might be of similar kind. I’m on Nextcloud/Hetzner’s Storage Share 17.0.0, Phonetrack Nextcloud 0.5.10 and Phonetrack-Android v0.0.13 (two devices; F-droid). Devices use their own users accounts of NC/Storage Share. Signed in to the accounts in Phonetrack-Android via SSO (making use of the Nextcloud app’s account in the phone).

A couple of months ago Hetzner decided to relabel their hosted Nextcloud as Storage Share (for licensing reasons). After that Phonetrack-Android started to give an error message nn one of the devices : “Uploading failed: Server response error”. Cannot see the device on a map. The other device I can see on a map, but cannot view tracks from it, either.

Asked Hetzner support about this. They could not help other than saying all the apps should function as before the change.

I just love this app and need it in my everyday life. Would be most greatful for hints showing a way round the problem.

Hey there,

Is there anything related to PhoneTrack in Nextcloud logs? From what you describe I can’t tell what could cause the problem. Also I would need a more precise description of what happens and what you can (or can’t) see.

There’s nothing in NC/PhoneTrack logs.

One NC instance, two accounts.

Account/Mobile 1:


  • When I try to export a .gpx from a session that shows “all points synced” in Android app an error pops up: “There is no point to export for this session.”
  • If I try to zoom on the device: “There is no point to zoom on for this device”.
  • All in all in NC PT it seems as if it is totally disconnected from PT-Android app. Even if in this particular device everything seeems to be in good order.

In PT-And

  • Device position shows on the map of the app.
  • No error messages.

Account/Mobile 2


The same as for the Mobile 1.

In PT-And

  • “Uploading failed: Server response error”, after manually dragging to sync.
  • Device position does not show on the map of the app.

PhoneTrack is not among the supported NC-apps list of Hetzner’s Storage Share/Nextcloud.

Asked the Hetzner support to totally remove PT. After that trying to open the web interface of PT just gives me Internal error -page.

Perhaps there is no way to get this working with today’s version of PT and Hetzner’s Storage Share offering.

I don’t see why it wouldn’t work with an Hetzner NC instance… Could you make me a temporary account on this instance so that I could try it out? Or is it already too late because PhoneTrack is not available anymore there?

I created an admin account for the Hetzner support team in order for them to look into this enigma by themselves.

Now PT works. The last thing missing was the export track function, which is now also in order. They gave no explanation of the issue.

However, Maps is still totally broken :expressionless: .

is anybody resolved this issue ?
i got the same problem, my phone track app in android notify “session synchonized” but “uploading fail - error 500”. I don’t know how to config. I think i put wrong “Nextcloud address” in config. Bug i don’t know how to put for right.