Phonetrack Server contact not possible

i am using nextcloud with phonetrack. I want to track 60 devices with the app traccar. But there is one problem. After some minutes i get an error, connection to phonetrack server is not possible. So i can not see any device on the map. Also the sessions i greated are not shown.

Can anyone help me with this problem please?



Hi, I have a problem that might be of similar kind. I’m on Nextcloud/Hetzner’s Storage Share 17.0.0, Phonetrack Nextcloud 0.5.10 and Phonetrack-Android v0.0.13 (two devices; F-droid). Devices use their own users accounts of NC/Storage Share. Signed in to the accounts in Phonetrack-Android via SSO (making use of the Nextcloud app’s account in the phone).

A couple of months ago Hetzner decided to relabel their hosted Nextcloud as Storage Share (for licensing reasons). After that Phonetrack-Android started to give an error message nn one of the devices : “Uploading failed: Server response error”. Cannot see the device on a map. The other device I can see on a map, but cannot view tracks from it, either.

Asked Hetzner support about this. They could not help other than saying all the apps should function as before the change.

I just love this app and need it in my everyday life. Would be most greatful for hints showing a way round the problem.

Hey there,

Is there anything related to PhoneTrack in Nextcloud logs? From what you describe I can’t tell what could cause the problem. Also I would need a more precise description of what happens and what you can (or can’t) see.

There’s nothing in NC/PhoneTrack logs.

One NC instance, two accounts.

Account/Mobile 1:


  • When I try to export a .gpx from a session that shows “all points synced” in Android app an error pops up: “There is no point to export for this session.”
  • If I try to zoom on the device: “There is no point to zoom on for this device”.
  • All in all in NC PT it seems as if it is totally disconnected from PT-Android app. Even if in this particular device everything seeems to be in good order.

In PT-And

  • Device position shows on the map of the app.
  • No error messages.

Account/Mobile 2


The same as for the Mobile 1.

In PT-And

  • “Uploading failed: Server response error”, after manually dragging to sync.
  • Device position does not show on the map of the app.