PhoneTrack + µlogger...? (2023)

Hi all.

I’m trying to get µlogger to work with Nextcloud PhoneTrack. I followed the instructions here - which seem straightforward - but µlogger can’t synchronise: I get HTTP error 500.

According to Gitlab, the PhoneTrack user docs haven’t been updated for a few years, so it’s entirely possible things have changed at the µlogger end.

Has anyone got this working recently, please?

Thank you.

Nextcloud 24.0.9
PhoneTrack 0.7.4
Android 13
µlogger 3.7

Did you get a solution since? I’m having the same problem (HTTP-Error 500), but didn’t find anything to solve the problem…

Hi walthari.

Did you get a solution since?

No, unfortunately.

This is a known bug and there already are multiple issues filed for it.
Issue 449
Issue 460
Issue 463
Workaround: downgrading the phonetrack app

Hi ernolf.

Brilliant - that’s really helpful :+1:

Thanks for the workaround!