Phonetrack app seems to be dying

Hi Devs,

In the last year I noticed that the app phonetrack-oc is not very good maintained anymore.
The android app phonetrack-android is on a level of development where I would say it is full-grown now.
No bugs, but no improvements either.

The last I know is that the main developer (Julien Veyssier) now works for Nextcloud GmbH.
Is this still valid?

@ Julien Veyssier
This a great app and it is in the Top 3 most used apps so:

Phonetrack-oc does receive Updates but a few usually annoying bugs are not fixed.
Proposed features are not commented anymore and it seems there are not even considered to implement.
In addition, there are a few merge requests which aren’t accepted nor commented.
So a few developers, who would like to improve the app, are ignored without giving a reason.

Why is that?
Don’t you get any time to make small improvements or bug fixes in the app?
Did you loose interest?

I fear that this app (nextcloud and android) is slowly dying and that would be a great loss cause in my opinion it is the last tracking app, where you can truly control the data.

Thank you for reading.

Sorry about that. I indeed don’t have enough time to maintain phonetrack. I would be happy to include other developers in the project. Would you like to get in?

Hi @eneiluj ,

I am sorry to hear that. :sob:

Probably you write to Valdnet in the gitlab repository. He made some changes but never got response and he is an active user for years in the repository.

During the weekend I cloned the repository but did not get it working at all in Visual Studio Code. I learend Python scripting for the last years but I have absolutly no experience nor expertise in php. I would love to get in development especially this app but i fear it will take a lot of time.

Thanks for the fast response.