Phone Track not showing history and lines

Question to experts on phone track

I have been using it in passt, had always impression it was complicated. But now I did set it up again on NC27 and on android, using the android client Phonetrack from Fdroid repository.

On first try, the poonts seemed to be sent to the server and when ‘line’ was activated, points and line between them was shown.

On next use, points seem to be sent to the server, communication seems to be OK. But only the last position is displayed. No intermediate points, and no lines displayed, no matter how the setting is.
Strange enough, on the phone, when I go there to map view, intermediate points (not all) are shown and are connected with lines so one can see the track.

Why is this not visible on the view on Nextcloud in the broweser? How can the be activated?

You should not only activate lines: image In the right bottom corner of the map but as well in the maintab: image on the left side behind the session you want to highlight and create a filter: image that does not exclude your points.

I hope this helps.

Much luck!

lines are active, does not help

Filter, well I did not set up any filters to exclude anything. Still only the last transmitted position is visible, nothing else.

Positions and lines are visible on the android phone however. But not in the browser.

The first time I did set it up, it did behave as expected and did not only display the history points, but also lines could be switched on and off.
Next time I switched loging on the phone app, all seems to be transmitted in bunch of 5 points, but only one, the last one is displayed.
As such this is then of no real use as tracking app.
Or is there a bug?

I treid to set up filters.

I am not sure what they should do. The dates in it are supposed to show what I want or to block what is in the filter?

If I enter begin 12.07.2023 and end 29.07.2023, does that mean I want see this or I want exclude this?

It is a mystery to me how one can misunderstand this:


It’s the time window you want to see.

You can turn off the filter completely and then all your ever created points will be shown unless they were automatically exported and pruned.

mystery, well this is simply so because it is not saying there which way it should filter something, so I can not know

But anyway, the filters seem not to have any function at all. I can set what ever I want, and I see allways the last position point.
There is no purge or no exporting etc set up.

The intermediate points simply dissapear and probably this is also the reason why no real tracking seems to be possible with this.

Strange: on the android phone, whe i select map, some sort of track is shoown, but I assume only abt every 20 points one is plotted. It seems that the app on phone makes every few minutes a point and this is then transmitted to the server. But from thise transmissions only very few are displayed even on the map in trackphone. This afternoon walking outside around town did produce only 3 positions on the phone map. And only one on the website in nextcloud.

the phone says that all has been transmitted.
All filters now off, just to make sure I am not filtering something off.

Did you toggle both line buttons: image ?

yes, both, in the menue on the left side as well as in the map

My intention would be to have a tracking point abt every 5 or 10 min and they should rmain on the map visible undtil I delete them

As a last resort for debugging, I would recommend querying your database to see if your points actually arrive there (I assume that as a Nextcloud admin you know how to get into your SQL console):

  (SELECT name FROM oc_phonetrack_devices WHERE id = p.deviceid) AS device_name,,
  FROM_UNIXTIME(p.timestamp) AS timestamp,
FROM oc_phonetrack_points p
ORDER BY p.timestamp DESC

or if you want it in a single line:

SELECT, (SELECT name FROM oc_phonetrack_devices WHERE id = p.deviceid) AS device_name,, p.lon, FROM_UNIXTIME(p.timestamp) AS timestamp, p.accuracy, p.satellites, p.altitude, p.batterylevel, p.useragent, p.speed, p.bearing FROM oc_phonetrack_points p ORDER BY p.timestamp DESC LIMIT 10;

I can confirm that it works for me on Nextcloud 27, Phonetrack 0.7.6 with Android App Version 0.1.0

Unfortunately I have no access to cli

What is your setup environment? Plesk?

You may have some other access to your database. You could install phpMyAdmin. So if you have no ssh access, then other tools become more imporant.

I have no idea what you mean by plesk.

I have url, this I enter in a browser and login mask appears. Thats it. The server has no external access, I can only call up the website. After all, Nextcloud should be a web solution and shoul work as it is with all functions I was told.
I have admin password, so I can set up users and configure few other things.

Today I was underway and the phonetrack on my phone was running. Even on the phone, the tracking is strange, as it does not display all places I have been, the points seem to be only few. No idea where to set the interval between the points. It seems many intermediate ponits are simply lost, thught the app on android claims to have sent them all. On the phone, at least there is an attempt to make some useful tracking.

On the web view, no tracking is done, just few points somewhere are on the map in addition to the last position.
The lines are switchd on. If I switch them off, the few points disappear and only the last posititon is displayed.

That looks like a bad configured gps. You should try a GPS-reset App on your phone. I use a Galaxy S5 as well as tracker. So the device is definitively not to old but you should not run to much other apps beside the log job.

Sorry, but I give up. You obviously vehemently refuse to deal with the app and the manuals:

For me, everything works down to the last detail, with an accuracy of 30 cm.

Yes, it is probabaly some setting, but there are so many settings everywhere, it is very difficult to find what it is. I see only results.

As I explained, anything to do with command line, linux or similar is not reachable, therefore I can not use it.

I just try the settings on the website and on the phone. But when using any common sense settings, the result is as in the pictures I attached.

I can not see from the picts what is wrong. The lines are switched on as you can see certainly. BUt still nothing. Is there any other setting switching the lines on?

Is there any setting to control this?

I am also admin of a iridium tracking system of our group ans work in vehicle tracking professionally since 2001. So some terms in this are common to me. But to manage fleets of devices seems to be just nothing against setting up one account and one device in phone track.

Most of the settings, website or phone I have left in default value.
Basically only values like the destination account have been set up.

10 min ago, I have contacted a collegue who is testing phone track on the same server, has abt 10 years experience with phone track, but gets currently same results as me.
He asked me to inform him if I manage to make it all work.

So it seems to not me only having the problem.


Did you install?

That works for me if I get only litlle amount of satelites.

GPS-reset App?

what is this exactly?

The gps on the phone works nice, I use the phone for navigation in car and in hand when walking, all is prefect. I have GPS-Test installed just to make sure all works.

It does not look like a problem with gps, rather with the app.
I want again trough all the instruction. Particularly th einstruction how to set up the Phonetrack on the phone is strange, abt 30% of the settings and tickboxes shown in the instruction, I can not find on my phone