Phone Track Geofence Removing Port Number From Webhook?

I’ve been playing around with Phone Track for a couple months now. Love it’s accuracy, and how little battery consumption there is on my phone.

I’m now trying to get it to send a webhook to the home automation system on my Raspberry Pi whenever I enter or leave a geofence. The webhook works when testing it with curl, however it doesn’t trigger when i physically leave the geofence.

Looking into the logs, it appears that it’s sending the correct webhook to my IP address, except that seems to be stripping the port number from the url.

So for instance…


is submitted as…


Does anybody know why it does this, or how to go about fixing it? Hypothetically, I could open up the port forwarding so that all ports go to the Raspberry PI, but I would rather not do that.

I’m personally not using the app but such an issue should usually be fixed by setting the overwrite* parameter correctly.

Hmm, unfortunately that doesn’t seem to have made any difference…