Personalize outgoing share link message (via email)

We have the ability to modify the outgoing email template for shared links. However, it will be nice if we can add a personalized message to the recipient while sending the shared link to provide a bit more context on what is being shared, instructions or any other text.

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I think this would clutter the interface even more (@jan). If you really want a personalized message you could just copy the link and send an e-mail…

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Yes, I suppose you can do that, and that’s what I currently do. The idea behind this was to include a small text area below the sharing option where you can input the text, which in turn can be appended to the default email template. I was perhaps unclear about this, I am not talking about modifying the email template on the fly, rather inject a couple of sentences below the default text to personalise the message.


Fair enough. But still I think it would clutter the UI. Also you’d want to know what it would look like in the whole context of the e-mail etc (so you’d want a preview somewhere).

@rullzer yes! you would want to preview what the message looks like. I am not a UI designer so please forgive the crappy mockup!

My thinking was as per the mock-up above with a preview button (to pop-up the message preview) before sending. It does not add too many elements to the sidebar and shouldn’t clutter the UI much. If you are still against this, I am happy to drop it :grinning:


I like it in your way

Unfortunately there did not seem to be much interest in this feature request :disappointed:

Well, I back this proposition, like it. This allows to submit the password along with the link and many more information.

Hello, i’m interested by this add-ons/apps/modifications.

Does the framework/plugins should give it possible ?

@joergschulz sending the password along with the link breaks the security model and is not best practice. I was looking at it from the angle of being able to describe the files/folders being shared and to personalise the outgoing message (useful when you send shared links to clients :smile:)

@groulte: This feature does not exist yet. I am hoping it will get picked up and implemented in a future nextcloud release

I like this idea, could you please help on it, we would like to use it.
Thanks a lot for your collaboration,

Good idea,
Thanks a lot this will help us.

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