Personal calendar lost


yesterday I updated my nextcloud from 13.0.4 to 14.0.4. The calendar app is now 1.5.4. Since then the dates in my personal calendar are not shown any more. Accessing the calendar with Thunderbird/Lightning or my Android smartphone works fine. Entering a new date in the Nextcloud calendar app is possible although it is not displayed but it synchronizes with Lightning and my mobile devices and is shown there. Changing the color, switching the calendar off and on and even rebooting the entire system doesn’t help. When I download the ics file and check it with a text editor all the dates are existing. Any suggestion to fix this problem? Thanks for help.



2018-12-08: Some days ago I used the Chromium Webbrowser on my Linux machine, logged in into my Nextcloud, selected the calendar app and amazingly viewed all the dates in my personal calendar. The same took place with the normally used Firefox. I don’t know why the problem has gone, I made no updates and changed no configuration, neither on the Nextcloud nor on my Linux PC. We’ll see what happens in the future.