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I am the only user and thus the Nextcloud admin. Under Settings, there are two places to locate the Activity, respectively( is a fake domain):


What are the differences between these two setting sections?

Suppose I want to have Nextcloud send me emails (email function has been set) when I share files, which is correct?

To set the tick “a file or folder has been shared” under Mail checkbox in the admin section


To set the tick in the user section


to set them both?

If I tick send mail as soon as possible in one place and/but tick send mail daily in the other place, what is the higher priority?

The admin settings are the skeleton for all users.

Whenever you create a new user these settings will be used as preset values for this user.

The user settings will override the preset values.

Thank you, @rakekniven for the clear explanation.

So the user activity setting has a higher priority.

Sorry for my wrong wording.
It is not about priority and overriding.

The user has its own settings.
Whenever a new user is setup the settings from admin are copied.
See text "Configure the default activity settings for new users. "

Thank you again for clarification. My mistake of understanding.

May I take it as sort of template? I mean the admin’s setting is a template, just like the original video file once the Nextcloud instance is setup, and when a new user is created, then in this newly created user’s default folder, the video automatically appears there for demo of online playing features.

I tried with my NC instance, the config, and now it looks OK, and works fine.

To make sending emails as soon as possible every better and precise, I added a cron job inside the system and made it execute every five minutes.

Yes, exactly.

That is documented pretty well here: