Permissions for using an app


in a more restricted environment (like a company) it would be nice to make apps accessable only by permission set by an admin. We use OC currently as a possibility to exchange data with customers. We have to take care that no apps/feature can be misused by customers but would like to
offer apps to our staff without much restrictions.
My impression was that OC does not do this generally but left this to the respective apps


If I understand you correctly this is possible. You can create two groups like “users” and “staff”. And then only enable e.g. calendar for the group “staff”.
In the input field you can choose a group.


yes you’ve got me right.
For a couple of apps it is possible to limit its use to certain groups. But not in general and it looks like the app can determine this behavior. In my case (OC 9.0.2) I cannot choose which groups are allowed to use the calendar. As a consequence I’ve to forbid the usage generally.
Im would prefer to set this permission for each and every app.
By the way, it would also be nice if the menu order would not depend on the order of app activation. Would look slightly more professional :slight_smile:

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I think it isn’t … or I’ve not yet noticed :sweat_smile: This has something to do with a number specified in the code of the app I thought. Having AppOrder natively integrated would be nice, I think :wink:

:thumbsup: Agreed.


Really, what I’d like to see is to just have it that the ability to restrict an apps usage to particular groups is implemented in core so the option is always available to the admin for all apps, rather than depending on whether the app dev has implemented the option or not.


That’s exactly what I meant. Thanks fpr clarification :slight_smile:


Is it now possible ?
It seems to be ongoing (and merged):

Why not this feature for the talk app?!
I need to limit group to use talk app.
How can I add this feature for the talk app?

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Nextcloud 14.0.4 - still not possible to allow Talk 4.0.2 only to certain user group(s). Could you, please, add this feature to Talk app too? Thank you. :slight_smile:

Edit: OK, it is a thing of Talk dev team…