Permission issues during update of NC 9

This script does not work for me. always a permissions issue, and the files are all referencing a bad path. It is prepending the updater path to them with the .. instead of making it more normally readable, when it is complaining about every most of the files it he system it seems.

What permissions are expected here? Everything is owned by apache.

edit: current permissions after changing things a few dozen times trying to make it work. Tell me what they should look like and I can make it so.

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From the manual:

If you run php via fastcgi (not as mod_php in apache) as a different user, this might be a different user.

This is a standard ownCloud 9.0 install that used the ce9.0 repo. The hardening guide was followed back when it was setup. Obviously with Nextcloud that is no longer a thing to do because of the new update process.

As you can clearly see from the screenshot, I have already ran the chown to get everything back to the apache user. That is the only thing the permissions for updating says to do.

Edit: actually this was originally ownCloud version 8.2 or something. Upgraded to 9 last summer-ish. And now with Nextcloud being so solid, I really want it converted.

Did you fix all the permissions in the update folder? Or before you fix it, the downloaded and extracted files have which permissions (you have to guess the .. in the path, locate or find can help you to search for a file)?

You obviously do not know what you are talking about.

There are no files to fix in the update folder and the .. is a relative path meaning to go up one level.

It is referencing the files in the folder directly above the update folder. In other words, the root owncloud/nextcloud folder.

I’ll happily make a bug report, or submit a pull request if I knew what to even check. But I don’t because the error is too vague.

And the answer is SELinux. I have had this system setup and functional with SELinux enforcing from the beging, so not surprised that I did not think about it.

For the purpose of the updater, add a damned check and tell people if SELinux is enforcing.

For going forward, the Nextcloud team needs to figure out what to do about this, because there is no way people should be expected to run with SELinux disabled.

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I can confirm the described behavior.

@JaredBusch Sry red too late about your issue to share this information with you.

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Feel free to improve the documentation about SELinux:

Bug reports, pull requests go here: