Permanent graphic confirmation for download in WebUI

sorry to bother, maybe i missed something but for a WebUI only nextcloud instance I would like to have following feature (or something similar):

big green checkbox: YES you already downloaded that file/folder
big red checkbox: YES you already downloaded that file/folder BUT it has changed
empty checkbox: NOTHING has happened yet
confirmation download
maybe this is possible with automatic tag generation or something?

I know that this feature might not work, since downloads are not listed as activities but for that issue there seems to be an app.
But i only need this to feature for registered users, which means their activity and downloads are logged and remembered.

What are your thought?
Can it be achieved through some own coding?

I imagine you could write an app to do it, but I don’t know if any such thing already existing… normally you would just sync your files.

I think the user knows if he downloaded something or not.
And if he download a file twice … who cares?

I think i would use folders with “releases” of the files with date and time. Space does not make metter.

2020-05-24-1525 - theme
2020-05-25-1525 - theme

Then an intelligent user would download files from the new folder.
And a stupid guy could not use the pc and open the browser.

Thanks for your reply!
This is the point: I do not want to use it with a sync client as the users shall only use the web interface.

Yes. And with my solution it works.

Test it:

Thank you for your reply!
I do not want to say Users are stupid, but I need the people we work with to be sure whether they are already in possession of the file.
The nextcloud shall only be a medium of exchange between different companies. Both we and the other companies (registered as users) have their respective file organization. Therefore it should be visible whether a file has been transferred (downloaded) or not.

Click my link. It is a public link and the user can not sync it with a normal client. Perhaps if they import the public link in their account. After new upload you can modify the sub-folder name with the date to “2020-05-24-OLD-RED-DO-NOT-USE”.

Please read something about “nextcloud federation”. You can copy the data in the share and the other company moves it to other folders or delete it.

Yes, this is a good file organization strategy, but it deprives me of the freedom to name folders after projects.
I already configured notifications so that users are automatically notified per email when new versions are uploaded.

Manual folder renaming after use may be to cumbersome.

Perhaps you can use Nextcloud Flow

Good idea, but only my side uses a cloud.

This is very helpful, thanks!