Performance of client on windows system


I’m syncronising about 130 GB of data on my laptop to the server using the destop client. However, the client is slowing down my windows system in a way that I sometimes have to wait up to 30 seconds until the system is responding again. Every time I’m saving a file the client is scanning my entire system. Is this what it should be?

Could it be that the client is just not designed for this volume of data?

Does anyone else have comparable problems and found a solution how to solve them?

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It should be faster. However, if you have many small files, it can have a larger impact than just the total size. Check the version of the client running, some older versions had performance issues that were fixed.
There are a few hints for troubleshooting, if you can find problems in the logs:

With more information, you can perhaps spot some configuration problems or be able to create a bug report.

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