Peculiarities on login

My Nextcloud 17. has a peculiar behaviour with login via putty on a new computer. Others work as aspected.
When connecting on this computer via putty with my cloud I’m confronted with the usual request for my password. After entering this password nothing happens. After about 60 sec. Putty disconnects and that is the end of the story.
I did enter the IP of this computer in the list of trusted computers.
Where could i try to investigate?
Please show your expertise - Thanks

This has nothing to do with Nextcloud at all, because Nextcloud is only a piece of software running on a web server which itself is running on an OS, like e.g. Linux. Therefore you should search for a solution in an OS related forum. Due to the fact that Putty contacts a sshd server this might lead you into the right direction:

Well then, this is a pathway i will follow.
Thank you j-ed

Yes and no. After reading a lot about a lot of topics i must return to the kernel of my problem.
I connect to a piece of software (Nextcloud 17.02) with putty. Nextcloud displays its start screen via Putty and asks for a password. And then nothing more happens. In my opinion there is an involvement of Nextcloud - but where? And equally important - how can i rectify this situation?
Am i the only one experiencing this?

Nextcloud is a web application and can only be used if a web browser or application is used which relies on the http/https protocol. Putty is a ssh or telnet client, therefore you cannot use it to access Nextcloud. You can only use it to access e.g. a Linux server on the command line on which a web server and Nextcloud has been installed.

Thank you again.

Actually I want to connect to a little odroid server on which Nextcloud software is installed. I can do so with ease on my other computer. But not so on the one in question. Why?

Please help with this issue

Ahh, now we’re narrowing down the problem. As I already assumed this hasn’t anything to do with Nextcloud but with your OS. Best would be to raise this question in an Odroid help forum or to ask aunt G.

You should think about what you doing differently on the second computer and how the computers differ in relation to the OS and installed update level etc. The following articles might help you solving the problem: