Pdlib on nextcloud snap (face recognition)

i have a question,
i am trying to use face recognition and i have problem with pdlib
i have nextcloud snap (19.0.3snap2) and i dont know how to install pdlib on snap’s php
i searched for it for about 2 weeks and i didn’t find anything
i am looking forward for your reply.
thank you in advance!

Is there an app for this or how are you planning to integrate pdlib with Nextcloud?

the problem is with installation of pdlib on nextcloud’s php
because i have snap version i don’t know how to ad pdlib on its php
i searched and i found nothing

i don’t think you understand how software libraries work. You can’t just add a library somewhere and expect Nextcloud to use it. You need Nextcloud (or an Nextcloud app) to actively use that library.

well the problem is that i installed face recognition app on my nexcloud and it can not find pdlib this is the error that i get