PDF Zoom Unclear and Pixelated

When zooming far in on PDF (400%), the PDF is not clear and pixelated. If I open the PDF directly in Chrome it looks fine.

Can you share an example or post a screenshot.

Can you zoom this PDF (Nextcloud Manual, 6 MB) correctly to 400% ?


You can download this PDF and upload to your cloud or direct share it with your cloud.
Can you correct zoom in this PDF hosted on your nextcloud?

The PDF you posted doesn’t include any vector graphics, so hard to say, but here is a screenshot of both viewing my PDF inside nextcloud and directly in Chrome, which is clear



Ok sorry. Than it is perhaps a problem with vector graphics.

Ask the mozilla community:



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Why would it be a problem with Mozilla? When I open a PDF in Chrome it looks fine.

You’re answering here?

Not a problem with Mozilla Firefox … with the Mozilla Projekt.
The Mozilla Project implmements the Javascript-File pdf.js used in Nextcloud.



I think the nextcloud team can not solve the problem.
Please contact the mozilla project on the github website and make an issue or bug report.
Please link the url oft this nextcloud thread.