PDF Viewer - An Error Occured While Rendering the Page

I’m running into problems viewing pdf files with the built in viewer. Some files open correctly and display the PDF with no issues. Other files fail with the following error:

An Error Occured While Rendering the Page

PDF.js v2.9.359 (build: e667c8cbc)
Stack: putBinaryImageData@https://<server_name>/apps/files_pdfviewer/js/pdfjs/build/pdf.js?v=2.3.0:5020:13

I can download those files and open them with the pdf reader on my desktop, so I don’t think it’s an issue with the file itself. I can disable the pdf viewer app and download the file with no issues.

I see there have been other issues reported with the pdf viewer but I can’t find anything related to this issue. Any ideas on what is causing this?

I’m running version, Mariadb 10.5.12 and PHP 8.0.