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I am very interested in using NextCloud and have installed and played with it a bit and love what I see.

One thing I am not sure if it can do and that is a big part of our workflow is Fillable PDF forms. Looks like the built in reader does not support that so wanted to see if anyone had an idea for it…

We have a few pdf document templates that our clients need to fill in details on and submit to us. Would be great if it could be all done in NextCloud



If the javascript library they’re using for pdfs were to add support, Nextcloud (or rather the reader app) could probably implement it fairly easily.

It looks as if they’re working on it, but they mention “there are several fairly difficult TODOs to complete”. That was October of last year.

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What is the status on that?
We use nextcloud and have many pdf forms but cannot fill in directly. Now we have to download each form first, then fill in an upload again. Thats not how it should be. Is there any solution available?
Will there be a cooperation with Adobe like dropbox already have?
Hope to get some good feedback from the members here, thanks!

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We could really use this feature too!

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Is there a link for where you read this update? afaik from a brief search just now, here is the Nextcloud Pdf Viewer app. It relies on Mozilla’s PDF.js library, which is where you’d want to ask for feature requests.

AcroForms support is currently in-the-works and you can see status here. Once implemented, this should incorporate forms into the web viewer.

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NextCloud doesn’t support third-party form-filling tools like this https://online-form-builder.pdffiller.com/ yet, I think that’s the problem. Implementing such a feature standalone would be even more complicated

@just or others:

AcroForms seems implemented Incorporating forms into web viewer · Issue #8554 · mozilla/pdf.js · GitHub but I still cannot fill pdf forms in Nextcloud Webinterface – anybody know why?

Can someone move this topic to the new Features & Apps category?

I’ll hopefully migrate this in the next day or so, once I have time. Thanks for the follow up. Perhaps there is documentation available from Mozilla.

Or is there a limitation on pdf viewer that is set in Nextcloud, so forms can’t be filled?

Who would know about this so we can CC them on this topic?

Would looooove to have this.