Pastebin app for nextcloud?

Is there any sort of pastebin app for nextcloud? I’ve searched around but I’ve not seen anything, at least for the latest version.

The important features for me would be simple cut & paste interface which will create a unique, shared url upon save, and the page can be reviewed by anyone with the URL inline rather than downloading a file attachment.

Optional formatting, automatic indentation, and possibly linting of files (such as json) would be nice but not completely necessary.

I think there is no app. But perhaps someone like to write an app.
Personally i use an own installation of /

If there are only a few Pastebins you can use txt-files (not md-files) in your nextcloud.

You can create a few files named test.txt (not and the create two public shares:
1.) edit: link for paste the text to nextcloud
2.) read: link for share the paste readonly

Thanks for the follow up. I could create a textfile and share it, but that really defeats the object of a pastebin which is a quick and easy place to paste text without having to create files and share them.