Passwords App Update Fails After 2 Minutes

Just updated Nextcloud from 28.0.1 to 28.0.3. During the update, the Passwords app update failed. I retried from the Apps screen and it failed again.

Looks like the app server is extremely slow. Is there a mirror server I can use in the USA?

p.s. Firefox shows providing a transfer rate of 12 KB/sec :face_vomiting:

[no app in context] Error: cURL error 28: Operation timed out after 120001 milliseconds with 3144411 bytes received (see for
	GET /index.php/settings/apps/update/passwords

Someone somewhere in the universe said this:

Click link and read format better form there, but you get the idea.

Just guessing at something to try but hope it helps.

Thanks for that, but I think a better solution is needed. Either the app server needs more bandwidth or the author needs to set up a mirror.

Same here. I tried several times, always the same. But it’s only the passwords update which fails. The task update worked seemlessly.