Passwords app no longer developing for systems below nc28

Hi, I just got a notification that after the current release NC27 is no longer supported. While I completely understand the reasoning. Isn’t it a little soon to tell users to jump ship? Standard practice is to wait until at least the .1 release. While yes one doesn’t have to update. You are inadvertently pressuring people to update to a system that hasn’t been fully vetted by the rest of the community yet. Ive seen many a .0 release fall flat in the past. Then there is the fact that many other popular NC applications haven’t even made the jump yet. Some major ones will probably at least be a month.

That makes zero sense. If 27 is already supported, then it is supported. Wait, why did you tag the passwords app?

Okay, seems this entire post is confusing. Nextcloud 28 was just released, but that does not mean 27 is unsupported. Do you have some kind of actual proof of seeing nc27 is not supported, because that makes no sense at all. Anyways, cheers. 27 is end of life on 6/2024. See:

27 Hub 6 2023-06-13 2024-06 27.1.4 (2023-11-23) 27.1.5 (2023-12-14)

@jshpettus I presume you are saying the Passwords app issued a notification say that they will only be supporting Nextcloud 28 for future releases and not Nextcloud itself as suggested by @just?

According to the system requirements page NC25 and up is still supported: System Requirements · Wiki · nextcloud / passwords · GitLab

What exactly did the notification say? and where did it say it?

As explained on the page:

With the first release of the year, the support for any Nextcloud version but the latest as well as any PHP version without active support will be ended.

Additionally, the notification also links to this page with more details.


@mdw, I know. I read it. I understand your reasoning. But I’m telling you it’s still not good policy for all the reasons I mentioned. At least allow people a grace period of a couple months of the new year before telling people to upgrade.

I mean from a security and sanity standpoint, absolutely limit as many variables as possible, but pushing people to a brand new system immediately at launch might be counter productive

@just @dugite-code . I apologize, the forum is a little confusing, this is indeed directed at the passwords app.

The message states

Passwords ends updates for Nextcloud 27
Passwords 2023.12.30 is the last update for Nextcloud 27. Upgrade to Nextcloud 28 for future upgrades.

And the page explains his reasoning

At least allow people a grace period of a couple months of the new year before telling people to upgrade.

As it’s laid out in the help page, the notification is purely informational and the end of updates doesn’t mean that your installed version will stop working and also your server won’t explode on January 1st.

If you have an update policy in place, i expect you to be capable of judging yourself if any actions are necessary. This notification is intended as a heads up for those that don’t update NC or those that blindly trust third party tools such as dietpi to upgrade NC for them and unknowingly ended up with outdated software that’s not receiving the updates they thought it would.

The app doesn’t recommend any specific update strategy, so i am not planning to change when the notification appears. It’s triggered when the final version is installed and as said before, i expect admins to know if it is relevant to them.
You can disable the admin notifications in the settings in the app to not get this notification anymore.


Thank you for this context. So, it will continue working, but the dev is no longer interested in developing for older versions of PHP or Nextcloud moving forward.

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I think the warning / heads-up notification was a nice touch.

It seems that NC28 has some kind of new sharing mechanism, and I’m hoping that the Passwords author will utilize that mechanism (and/or other internal changes) to give us some new functionality that we’ve been waiting for. This sounds like a very positive development to me.

I guess it comes down to you trust people more then I do. Which fine, fair enough. My worry is people blindly updating to NC28. Maybe I’m just getting more curmudgeonery lately…

@danddc That’s certainly true, especially going forward

I guess it comes down to you trust people more then I do. Which fine, fair enough. My worry is people blindly updating to NC28. Maybe I’m just getting more curmudgeonery lately…

Maybe i am , because i also trust NC that they release the new version in a state that isn’t a complete disaster.

This is the dev asking people to use current Nextcloud. It makes total sense to stop developing for earlier versions, especially for a volunteer. The technical debt must be too much. Either way, nothing stops you from continuing using as-is until you wish to upgrade. Agreed that this is courteous of the dev to announce up front, even if it seems as though it is happening quickly when it is not. Eventually bugs will creep up that will all be addressed in current build for 28.

It is always tough when we rely on particular apps. I always have the watch updates carefully for the same reason in production.

If anyone else is in this position, add a test instance of nc with all your apps to run through updates before putting them in production on your primary server.

That’s what I just did. Blindly upgraded.
I’m new to nextcloud. I’ve been evaluating it for about six months. When I saw the message " You are using a legacy support release of the passwords app. The developers do not provide support for legacy support releases. Upgrade your server to use the regular version." the need for action seemed quite clear.
The warning states that it is unsupported not that it will get no new feature releases.