Passwords app does not login to websites

have installed the passwords app, it’s quit easy, followed the video tutorial " [

Kostenloser Password-Manager in der Cloud + App …


added a paasword fo a website, a forum I am registrated. loged out there klicked the three dots and klicked got website
The website came up but not login, hat to enter username and passwort, tried 3 others, same problem, the tried the forum here , not automatic login.

Help please

Did you install the browser plugin and set it up as shown in the video?

Yes but I can configure it.
But first it should work from in Nextcloud itself. The browser plugin or Android plugin are a second step.

I’m not sure i understand you correctly.

Clicking the “Open Url” option in the three dots menu opens the website, but it does not log you in on that website. It’s not possible for the app in Nextcloud to inject the password into another website.