Passwords 2023.12.32 to 2024.1.0: missing right click

Hi there,
I updated my Staging instance from NC 27.1.6 to 28.0.2 and Passwords got an updated from 2023.12.32 to 2024.2.0 .

In my Production instance (still at NC27.1.6 and PWD2023.12.32), I am able to right click on a password and see a “Passwords context menu”.
But the newest versions on my Staging instance, I get the browser context menu.

I have tested this behavior in both Firefox and Chrome (each at their latest-ish version).
I have looked at the release notes between the 2 version and I do not see anything the context menu.
Right click works everywhere when using the Files app.

Anybody has noticed that too? Or am I missing something?

See screenshots below

The right click menu was provided by Nextcloud, the passwords app simply integrated with this existing functionality.

Nextcloud 28 updated the files app for which the right click menu was originally created. In this process, the global right click menu functionality was removed without any replacement available for other apps.

Therefore, the passwords app does no longer have a right click menu with NC 28.

I am sad but I understand, thank you for your answer.
I will put in a feature request.

@elr3m: I am also interested in this feature. Could you please provide the reference to your feature request?

Hi @RailsViceRoads ,
I did not get around to it.
Also I am actually not sure what to exactly request (or where).
That NC dev makes the right clik available for apps, maybe?
Guidance is appreciated.