Passwords 2019.1.0 on NC15 unusable slow

Hi all,

I am using passwords quite a while already and got to love it. After upgrading to NC15 (and passwords to 2019.1.0) it started beinghorrible slow. I tend to say it’s unusable. An example: from clicking on the apps icons until the content is shown it takes roughly a minute. Then, clicking on a folder, you have to wait another minute.

I cross-checked the requirements, which are fine. The server itself cannot be the issue, as the rest of Nextcloud, as well as other things (e.g. Onlyoffice, Gallery, Mailserver etc.) work very fast.

As I thought, there is something broken and/or inconsistent, I exported the data, removed the app and the tables and started from scratch. Unfortunately, I see the same behaviour even without any content (after fresh install). Actually, I am re-importing my data, which seems to take 30-60 minutes (for just 54 passwords).

I checked the logs of Apache and the Nextcloud Logs. No hints there.

Somebody any idea? I do not want to miss that tool, as the Nextcloud password tool isn’t very impressing.


That sounds to me like you triggered the bruteforce protection by accident. This can happen for example if you have upgraded from an older version of passwords that was using the legacy authentication method.

You can check this by looking into the bruteforce_attempts table in your database. If your IP appears there, you might be blocked.
If you do not have access to your database, you can also install the bruteforce settings app and whitelist your ip.

Incredible, this did it. Thanks a lot.

One addition - which might be relevant for others, having that slowness issue (without having legacy auth before): I meanwhile checked the bruteforce_attempts in the DB. From what I can see, it wasn’t the upgrade, but an Android Nextcloud client with an invalid password. It tried logging in endlessly.