Password sync for Chromium. Similar to Firefox Sync


I switched from Firefox to Chromium some time ago. Under FF I was able to set up the sync and with that all bookmarks & wenseite passwords were in sync on all clients.

To sync the bookmarks from Chromium over my NC I use floccus bookmark sync. This works fine so far.

What I am still looking for is a solution to sync the saved passwords for the websites via NC.

Is there also a solution for this?

with best

Hi @pixel24

Not a sync solution for passwords already stored in the browser. But you could use the Passwords app to store and manage your passwords on your Nextcloud server and than use the extensions for Chrome and Firefox…

Ok, so I would just have to re-save all website passwords once after installing the password manager in NC and setting up the browser extension?

That would be ok :slight_smile:


I don’t quite understand how it works. I have installed the app “Passwords” in NC as administrator.

Then I logged into NC with the user I want to set up the password sync for and:

More → Apps & Settings:

  • Installed the Chromium extension
  • Connect with Passlink

I did this with two computers that I use. How to proceed now?

I then visited a website (forum), logged in and selected “Save Password”. But the login does not work on the second computer. What have I overlooked?

with best

I’ve been trying for hours to get this app to work with the Chromium extension. Maybe the app can’t do what I’m looking for. Therefore, my goal for now.

I have a stationary PC and two notebooks. On all devices I use Chromium as my web browser. I sync the bookmarks with floccus to the NC. That works.

On all three computers I have removed the locally stored passwords. These should be connected to the NC with the Passwords app and the corresponding Chromium extension. If I save a password on one of the computers, e.g. for a forum, should it automatically be available on the other two computers when I want to log in to the same forum?

Does this work with this app?

This is how I proceed:

++ PC001 (stationary computer) ++

I log in with the user (I) in the NC. Not with the administrator. At the top of Passwords (key) → More → Apps & Extensions → Chrome Extension → Connect with PassLink → Connect by Link → That looks good → That was all.

→ Logout

++ LT001 (Laptop 1) ++

Here I log in with the same user in NC. Exactly the same procedure as PC001. At the end:

→ Logout

Now the sync between these two browsers should work, right? But it does not. I call the web page of a forum on PC001 ( Choose ‘Login’ and enter my access data. Now a message/question should come from the extension if I want to save this access data? Does not happen!

Is it really that complicated or what exactly am I doing wrong?