Password Sharing not possible for specific user


I’m facing an issue where on NC 18.06 and Password 2020.7.0 a new user is not able to share a password. There option to share with users is not visible at all. Only the option to share by QR Code.
Existing users don’t face this. The only difference I can recognize is that the affected user was created after the upate on 18.06 while others have been created before the update.

Any ideas what causes this behavior?

Sharing works just fine for me for users created with 18.07.

Maybe you need to check the sharing settings in the Nextcloud admin settings. It could be possible that the user belongs to a group which does not allow sharing or needs to be given more permissions.


Thank you for the quick reply! Actually all groups of the new users where on the sharing disallowlist. I considered them only of relevance for the file sharing.
rchanging the group setup enabled sharing in the password app.

Many thanks