Password search not finding matches in folders

I imported my passwords from lastPass what worked fine. I installed the iOs app on iPad and iPhone which works also fine. My lastPass passwords where stored in subfolders which where. converted successfully. The search function on iOs finds all passwords in the subfolder however in the Web-App in the browser the search function finds only matching folders or matching names within a open folder. However it finds matching parts within the URL anywhere.
I think it is important to find also names in folders and eventually subfolders (i don‘t use so far). Is there any reason for this behaviour?

I am using nextCloud 20.1 and just installed the passwords update 2021.5.0

The search in the app usually searches in the current folder.
If you press “Enter” in the search form or click “Search everywhere for …” at the end of the search results, the webapp will search everywhere.

Since the search is performed within the browser, searching everywhere requires the webapp to load all passwords, folders and tags from the server. That may take some time and because the search shows results as soon as data is available, it may happen that tags or folders take a few seconds longer to appear.

Oh great, this link at the end of the search results didn’t jump into my eyes. Maybe because it’s in “grayed out” colour which is often used for elements unavailable for clicking.