Password Reset - Network Error


I have a strange situation that my nextcloud instance is working fine behind a reverse proxy.

The only strange thing is, when I want to reset my password, the link i get is just a http link that is the first strange thing.
The second is that if i go to the site, i can enter a password but then it sends me the error message under the password box: Network error…

overwriteprotocol is set to https
overwrite cli is set to https://domainname.tld

Does your config.php happen to have an on override for the password reset link in it? It’d be something like this:

'lost_password_link' => '',

Hi Max,
I just had the same / or similar problem trying out the password reset feature.
I figured out that there were two instead one dots between subdomain and domain like ( subdomain.domain.tld). After deleting one dot it work.

In another post I read the following workaround (and will try to apply it and have a look if it works afterwards):