Password protection download link shared file

When i share a file with email, set password protection, input a password and send, so can the recipient download the file without input a password. Could you help me please?

If you put a password on the share, the recipient will need to use that password to download the file. Or can you clarify your question?

ok, i do it as the following: i klick on symbol “share”, in opening window on “share link”, set password, and write in the field “Contacts, groups, users…” the recipient mail adress.
The recipient get this mail and can without a password input download the shared file.

If i use only the link, include a passsword via copy and paste and send it not from field “Contacts, groups, users…” in another extra mailprogram or open this link in my browser, then it works.
I have stored many contacts with mailadresses in this cloud, by typing in the field “Contacts, groups, users…” will be calling these adresses from there.

I don’t think it’s possible to password protect a share created using that top option (as that is more directed toward other users who have a Nextcloud account or through federation). I’m not even sure why they allow you to share by email in that area, since that function already exists in the bottom half of the dialog by sharing a link.
Anyway, when you click share link, the password option only applies to the link generated by that. As you probably noticed, the link generated when you type in the email address at the top is different and cannot be password protected.

I personally would prefer to disable this feature and let people use the share link option instead.

afaik, this issue will be addressed in NC12…