Password mismatch complexity requirements - not notify user

Hi! NC 16.0.1, CentOS 7, Nginx + PHP 7.3 + PHP-FPM
When user shares folder or file via link, he must set password for link.
If password mismatch complexity requirements share link not created and user not notified about password mismatch, not showing any errors messages, notifications about password policy.
And I can’t find exactly requirements for passwords complexity - for example, why password “Qwerty4321” mismatch, but password “WSXedc321” allowed.

There should be a notification. Before reporting a bug, make sure that you don’t have any content blocking apps enabled that could filter it.

I turned off any restrictions for NC site in FireFox.
I receive notify about too short password, but not any wors about password mismatch complexity - for example, if I enter password “qwerty1234”


Then report an issue on