Password Manager Api call using Curl

I wanted get my passwords stored in Passwords Manager how to achive that uisng CURL request.

If I understood correctly and you are using Passwords App, then there is an API description, read it and use with CURL:

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I also recommend checking out the Postman collection which allows you to inspect api calls: Working with the API · Wiki · nextcloud / passwords · GitLab

Yes they have api documetation but it has only part of url metioned eg: /api/1.0/password/list
But how to athenticate with api using curl and what is the exact curl command.

Check this tread Create a list of photos with a specific "Tag" - #5 by gas85 authentication is the same and usually you have to set header to use CURL.

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curl --insecure -X GET -u username:password '
Not getting any output