Password App Sharing passwords with users not working

We encountered after upgrading our Nextcloud installation to version 26. Specifically, the password app is not functioning properly, leading to difficulties when sharing passwords with users.

When attempting to share passwords, the password app 2023.5.30 and displays a message indicating that some data is waiting to be synchronized. Additionally, we are consistently encountering a “401 unauthorized error” that keeps popping up.

To provide more context, prior to the upgrade, the password app was working seamlessly, allowing us to share passwords without any complications. However, after the upgrade to Nextcloud 26, these issues arose, causing inconvenience and disruption to our workflow.

We have performed the necessary troubleshooting steps, including verifying our system configuration and reviewing error logs, but have been unable to identify the root cause or resolve the problem. Therefore, we kindly request your guidance and assistance in troubleshooting this issue.

Below are some relevant details that may assist you in understanding the situation:

  • Nextcloud Version: 26.0.1
  • Operating System: ubuntu 22.04
  • PHP 8.2
  • Password App Version 2023.5.30