Password app fails after upgrade to NC 26

After the updat to NCD 26 my password app (2023.3.11, legacy support as I only have PHP 8.0) does not work anymore. I deactivated the app and wanted to reactivate it. The activation fails with the following error in the NC-log:
Declaration of OCA\Passwords\Db\Traits\GetterSetterTrait::getter(string $name) must be compatible with OCP\AppFramework\Db\Entity::getter(string $name): mixed at /volume1/web/nextcloud/apps/passwords/lib/Db/AbstractEntity.php#66
Has anyone come accross the same issue?

Well the : mixed return value hint is not supported in PHP 7.4 so it’s removed when the legacy support release for old PHP versions is generated. That is apparently incompatible with PHP 8.

Thank you for your swift reply. From your answer I take that there is nothing I can do to resolve (besides updating to PHP 8.1, which unfortunately is not possible on my Synology NAS).

Just saw that my cron job also fails with the same error (even though I have deactivated the app). Do I have to remove the app to get the cron job done? And will my passwords be preserved until I reinstall the app once the issue is resolved?

DSM 7.1 support up to php 8.0, that is right.
But, to stay on the bleeding edge, you could run docker images, since docker is supported

Just saw that a fix is underway: [#585] Create new legacy version for PHP 8.0 (82664483) · Commits · nextcloud / passwords · GitLab
Hope this appears in NC shortly (and works).
Great to see such rapid reaction from the developers!!!

You should see an update to version 2023.4.20 which solves this issue. There was a compatibility issue that came from the PHP 7.4 support in the LSR version.

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I am getting this error now on the log file
Error “HMAC does not match.” in OCA\Passwords\Controller\Api\FolderApiController::show
is that means I lost all my passwords?

I doubt that this is in any way related to this topic. Check any recent changes you made to your configuration, try running php ./occ maintenance:repair or restoring a backup.

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