Paid Support for LDAP Migration - Same NC version but different AD domain naming

I am trying to migrate an old server with NC 25 to a new server with NC 25. The only difference is the new server is an entirely different domain but with all the same users.

I have searched all the posts I can find but I have not found a clear document indicating how to migrate to the new domain.

I am happy to pay for support to accomplish this goal. At this point I’m using the new server for everything EXCEPT Nextcloud because we haven’t been able to solve this problem.

Does anyone know of a method for paid support to help us resolve this issue ?

What sayeth the group?

hi @compumatter

it should no be such hard. In general you can migrate to another server using this procedure:

but as you are looking not to switch the server but change the DNS name as well you might need to adopt the trusted_domains in your server config (maybe initially only add the new one before removing the old domain)

depending on your config you might need to adopt overwrite* attributes as well.

Beware - changing server hostname can brake your shares and federations if any. It could result in bad experience with client sync (as client doesn’t know the “new” server is the same as the old one) - best is you remove old sync config and create new from scratch…

Question is if the LDAP-Domain is changing? You have to be carefully with user-sync…