Paid Android apps are not updated

What’s the issue?

You bought the Nextcloud Notes, Nextcloud Deck or Nextcloud News Android app at the Google Play Store? And now you are no longer able to update to the latest released versions?

You might want to push some 1 :star: ratings to hit those “bad scammers” as hard as you can?
Well, we 3rd party app developers see this kind of “reviews” quite often these days.

Какого черта мне не дают скачать купленное приложение? Решили играть в санкции – верните деньги.

So what’s the deal here?

Для соблюдения установленных законодательных ограничений Google Play блокирует скачивание платных приложений и обновлений для них в России и Беларуси.

What to do now?

First of all: Blaming the developers won’t change anything but hurting the creators of the software you use and love.

You should contact the developer of the app and ask them to refund your money - given the developers suffer more than you those sanctions, there will be no issue to get your money back. You can find the contact information at the corresponding Play Store entries.

The next thing you should do is to ask yourself some fundamental questions about freedom in general and depending on proprietary cloud services. The whole idea of Nextcloud is to get back some control, isn’t it? So why stop here? Why not check for free alternatives to the Play Store?

What’s the alternative?

Notes, Deck and News are free and open source software and as such they are also published on F-Droid

— это каталог свободных приложений с открытым исходным кодом (FOSS) для платформы Android.

This decentralized infrastructure allows you to still use the apps without depending on the benevolence of Google or another proprietary cloud provider. :rocket:

You want to support the app developers? On F-Droid you can find various links to support them directly, without a ridiculous 30% “store fee”. There are options like LiberaPay, PayPal, Flattr and so on, depending on the developer.

Help spreading the word and stop hitting 3rd party app developers for something they haven’t done and they aren’t able to prevent.

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