Pagespeed and -size


I run an NC18 on a web space from, so I have no roo access, but a little what can I do about SSH.

What surprises me a bit and I would like to know whether this is “normal” or whether I can improve it is the long loading times or the amount of files that NC outputs.

The change from calendar to files takes over 5 seconds. And when I save the page I have an .html file with almost 1.5 MB and a folder full with 40 .css and .js files and a size of 4 MB.

Is that with you on a similar scale?

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You can use caches to speed up your interface (APCU and redis)

I don’t know if that is possible with your provider. Here is an old post I found but I don’t know if that still works: has servers with php opcache which speeds up loading times - if you haven’t already you should ask the support to move your account to a server with opcache enabled.

websites are nowadays often a hugh mess of JavaScript frameworks glued together, Nextcloud is no exception. you can’t do much about it unless you dive into the development and try to solve things in a different way. Afaik all “modern colaboration solutions” are more or less built this way.