Packages for Nextcloud on RH/CentOS



I have tried the following on centos 7 with epel 7 installed:

yum install nextcloud

and it says:
No package nextcloud available.

However I can see the packages here:

Which I can download

So the question is: are the packages in epel release already or only testing?

Linux packages status

Also how will nextcloud integrate with Centos 7 since PHP is changing?

Will version 11 of nextcloud also be packaged for Epel 7?


Officially, you have to use the SCL to get PHP 5.6+
I have not used the repo, but this should work.

yum install epel-release
yum install centos-release-scl
yum install nextcloud


Thanks yes that works.

Out of interest, will nextcloud 11 be packaged in the same way for Rhel / Fedora? I.e. would the dependencies resolve themselves with the software collections?

I am a little reluctant to move from owncloud to nextcloud if I am not sure it will then be always available in the same way in RHEL etc.