Owntracks payload encryption and MQTT support?

Hi :

I have both iPhones and Androids to track so wish to use the Owntracks client. I suspect the answer is no to both, but:

  • Does Phonetrack support Owntracks’ encrypted payload functionality?
  • Is there any MQTT support or perhaps suggestions on a simple approach to subscribe to an MQTT topic and post messages to Phonetrack?


Neither is supported afaik.

I am not quite clear what you want to archive with no. 2, but phone track does support calling webhooks on customizable events and these webhooks can be used for example to send alerts to a messenger app.

Thanks Krischan. I wish to avoid exposing my Nextcloud to the internet. I thought an MQTT subscription by a client behind my firewall could receive the messages, decrypt them and post them to Phonetrack.