OwnCube stellt Services ein am 17.02 / OwnCube discontinues services on 17.02!

Ohne viele weitere Kommentare möchte ich hier diese Info von Owncube weiterleiten. Bestandskunden finden alle relevanten Infos im Kundenpanel. Da ich selber nur zufällig auf diese Info gekommen bin, hoffe ich die eine oder andere Überraschung vermeiden zu können.

In Anbetracht der späten Info, nehme ich mir hier raus, im Falle das Sie keine Hilfe für einen Umzug im Forum finden, meine persönliche Hilfe anzubieten. Kontaktieren Sie mich einfach.

Sehr geehrte Kunden
OwnCube muss Sie leider informieren, dass OwnCube nach 12 Jahren als Cloudanbieter alle Services in kürze einstellt und seit 01.02. keine Neubestellungen mehr annimmt.

:warning: Alle Dienste laufe noch bis einschließlich 17.02 weiter, werden dann gestoppt und alle Server im RZ gelöscht.

Da OwnCube eine Synclösung sind, haben Sie Ihre Daten lokal bereits gesichert, sollte dies nicht der Fall sein, bitte erledigen Sie dies sobald als möglich.
Sollten Sie Ihre Cloud zu einem Hoster umziehen oder auf einem eigenen Server weiterhosten, stellt OwnCube Ihnen gerne auch ein Backup der Datenbank zur Verfügung, dies können Sie einfach per Ticket anfragen.

Without much further comment, I would like to pass on this information from Owncube. Existing customers can find all relevant information in the customer panel. As I only came across this information by chance, I hope to avoid one or two surprises.

In view of the late information, I take the liberty of offering my personal help in the event that you cannot find any help for a move in the forum. Please contact me.

Dear customers
OwnCube is sorry to inform you that after 12 years as a cloud provider, OwnCube will shortly be discontinuing all services and will no longer be accepting new orders from 1 February.

:warning: All services will continue to run up to and including 17 February, then they will be stopped and all servers in the data centre will be deleted.

Since OwnCube is a sync solution, you have already backed up your data locally, if this is not the case, please do this as soon as possible.
If you move your cloud to a hoster or continue to host it on your own server, OwnCube will also be happy to provide you with a backup of the database; you can simply request this via a ticket.


das würde ich gerne in Anspruch nehmen. Wie können wir zusammen kommen?!

You are more then welcome to move to oldest Nextcloud hosting provider, cloudamo.com - from personal to business packages.


Habe mich gerade auf Cloudamo registriert.
Alles sieht genau gleich aus wie bei Owncube. Gleiches Kundenpanel, gleiches e-mail design.
Wie kann das sein? Gibt es da fragwürdige connections, oder war owncube nur ein Reseller von cloudamo?
Mit auf 180, hab viel Geld und Zeit bei owncube investiert und muss jetzt alles neu aufsetzen.


Cloudamo is the same company as OwnCube.

In their Privacy Policy they give the same exact address as OwnCube had

Stadtplatz 12, Top 2
3860 Heidenreichstein


Their legal documents are constantly referring to Austrian law even though they are supposedly from Switzerland. It’s the same people.

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They’ve changed the adress in their Privacy Police, but the Waybackmachine won’t forget: Waybackmachine

Control Panel is based on WHMCS system, that system is used by most web hosting providers to manage billing, orders etc.


We do not have anything with OwnCube, also it is strange you just registered to write these false claims?


You would need to check about this with OwnCube, that was our old address, most of their offer, site was copy of our offers etc.

As side note, cloudamo was one of first providers to support Nextcloud. Same as other account, you just registered and spreading false claims ???


Geht es nur mir so oder ist Owncube (Provider wie Cloud) jetzt schon Down und nicht mehr erreichbar.

We did not know that they used our address, copy of our Policy page old one until now, as you can see they are now completely down.

Again, we do not own or have links with OwnCube.


Oh holy sh****
Das sieht so aus

Hat jemand einen Kontakt?

We use cloudamo over 2y now, no problems at all

I have friend that was stuck with owncube, no access to data for some time now.


Dear forumists

I just want to politely remind everyone to stay to the topic of this thread which was a nice offer to help if someone has problems.

This thread isn’t meant to throw dirt on 3rd party-companies. So please just stay back from it.

We all understand that you are enraged about the short notificationperiod of Owncube and that you’re afraid to lose your data.

But please, this isn’t the place to vent off.


@J-B @grzebo @bb77 @antoine-gu

Did it came to your mind that someone was just copying & pasting everything from someone else?
So having the “same” address (aka it isn’t really the same) doesn’t mean anything in particular.
And we should take into consideration that it’s possible that 2 companies can reside under the same address without being connected. right?
I simply see no evidence for any of your claims.

plus there is an official announcement from cloudamo now

plus: If you think that you have any legal claims against Owncube, please contact a lawyer. this forum isn’t the right place for your frustrations and unproven claims.

again: this thread is and was only about some nice person offering help because some company had announced to close.

please keep to that nice offer.

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Hello everyone,

I’ll close this topic for now and we will review the complains about individual posts in more detail. If you’re looking for a Nextcloud Provider I recommend to take a look at Nextcloud partners or Nextcloud providers - Nextcloud.

Let me add a quick list one of our team members put together of providers you that offer reliable service:

I have personally used hosting.de and it was good. You get a dedicated Nc instance managed by them, but you have no admin account. Settings can be managed through their UI, with limited apps available.

I know TGC, we work a lot with them, they have excellent knowledge and are dedicated to open source and privacy.

Deutsche Telekom and IONOS are large companies that work with us - you won’t have to expect shenanigans from them like secretly rebranding and such. Of course, big companies have their issues too, but they have a reputation to protect.

There are tons of complaints about the bottom-barrel cheap hosting parties, including Cloudamo, ownCube, hetzner etcetera. They do not work with us - and I generally would not recommend to use them for critical data. But they are cheap and if you don’t mind things like discussed here, that might be worth it.

Just as a little anecdote, so you understand the business models of these companies, we discussed with one of them our offer of support, so that when their service had a problem, our engineers would fix it. Their response (paraphrased, it was a call):

It does not matter. If a system breaks and a customer has problems, we try to fix it, we can google the problem. If it doesn’t work and there is data loss, we offer a few months for free. If the customer isn’t happy, they leave. That is cheaper than paying you to fix the problems.

So, there you go. They don’t care about your data or providing a good service. We are obviously not happy with this as it harms the good name of Nextcloud, but there is not too much we can do about it. Be warned.