Owncloud Sync constantly detecting changes in mounted CIFS

I’ve tested this on a VM with perfect clock sync both with Debian/CentOS and Owncloud 9 and now Nextcloud 9:

Any Owncloud client that I use constantly detects changed files on the CIFS shares. It then decides to download all files again and again. The linux client tells me there’s a file conflict and asks whether the local or remote files should win. The Windows client just downloads over and over again. This is even when NO files have been changed.

Does anyone have any ideas to stop this happening? This is the show stopper that I’ve been running in to for days and really can’t get around.

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First off, I’d say it is a server issue, not a client problem as the client just asks the server if something changed.

Second - if clock sync isn’t an issue, it must be a bug in the CIFS backend… :frowning:

Do your logs give any info, perhaps? It might be wise to report this as a bug and see if it can be debugged. Either at own- or Nextcloud…

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I am having this same issue - but I get the prompt on the OS X client constantly (every minute or two). I have not made any changes on the server.

(copy and pasted, the misspelling is built into the client, it is not due to my writing)

“This sync would reset the files to an erlier time in the sync folder ‘ownCloud’.
This might be because a backup was restored on the server.
Continuing the sync as normal will cause all your files to be overwritten by an older file in an earlier state. Do you want to keep your local most recent files as conflict files?”

I found a solution that worked for me, at least until the next time I change more then 4-5 files at a time, which could be immediately after this fix is applied.

I have come to realize CIFS/SMB is broken for OwnCloud, it may be an included feature, but it is not stable and is bug-ridden.

First of all I made sure the SMB server, the Owncloud server, and the client were synced to the same NTP server.

Secondly, I had noticed in the web interface it was not reporting the folder sizes, so I ran a new file scan using the occ:

sudo -u www-data php /var/www/owncloud/occ files:scan --all

After a few more larger syncs, everything is set and working properly now, until the next time I add or change more than just a couple files every hour or so.


I would like to follow up on this.
I still have this issue.
It seems to be triggered when moving files to a different directory, or adding more. Adding or changing more than 4-5 at a time and it sets off this cycle again.

The client or server with CIFS/SMB is broken, I don’t recommend using it.

So this is on Nextcloud 11, or 12?

All versions do this unfortunately. I’ve not gotten it to be stable.

I am also constantly have the same pop up. Choosing either option of Normal Sync or Keep Local Files as Conflict doesn’t work out.

Currently on NC12

I have the same problem.

In one folder, I have for example 19 files. If I copy another file into it, some of the older files get also synched again. Always the same files and always not all files get synched again. When I rename a file, this also happens.